HCG Medical Weight Loss for Men in Louisville Kentucky

Offering supervised medical weight loss programs to help men lose weight effectively

Learn more about custom HCG Diet programs for menWhen it comes to losing weight in the Louisville Kentucky area, men and women have entirely different needs. Unfortunately, the majority of commercial diet plans on the market today fail to recognize this. You likely have experienced the one-size-fits-all approach yourself. Whether you attend weight loss meetings in the community or try doing it alone with online support, it’s rare to receive personalized support based on your gender, body type, health issues, and how much weight you need to lose. If you’re frustrated and about to give up on ever reaching your ideal body weight, you need the HCG Diet for men.

What is the HCG Diet and How Does it Work?

Thousands of men have experienced significant and lasting weight loss by following the HCG Diet in Louisville. The results truly do speak for themselves. The diet plan that is so successful today came about almost by accident. In the 1950s, a medical researcher and doctor named Albert Simeons observed pregnant women in India living in extreme poverty. He was shocked when they later gave birth to healthy newborns despite their lack of a healthy or adequate diet.

Upon discovering that the HCG hormone was responsible for this phenomenon, Doctor Simeons went on to use it in his treatment of obese patients with unprecedented results. He even wrote about his experience overseeing the first HCG Diet programs in his book Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity. Patients quickly lost weight and kept it off without complaining of hunger, weakness, food cravings, or irritability. You can do the same thing today by working with a Louisville HCG Diet Doctor and having a custom HCG Diet designed for your body’s unique needs.

The Secrets to Long-Lasting Success with the HCG Diet

You can expect drastic results on the HCG Diet if you follow your doctor’s instructions exactly. The two key components of weight loss success are receiving the HCG hormone daily and sticking to a low calorie diet plan that emphasizes healthy food choices. These recommendations are the same for everyone who follows the HCG Diet for men in Louisville Kentucky. Your doctor customizes every other aspect of this plan to meet your individual needs. This includes:

  • The number of calories you should aim to consume each day
  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation
  • Recommendations for exercise
  • Managing existing medical conditions or hormonal imbalance
  • Daily HCG delivery method (injection, drops, etc.)

You are ready to begin the active phase of the HCG Diet for men once you and your doctor determine the best solution for all of these considerations. Besides the dramatic results, the personalized support is one of the things other men in the city of Louisville appreciate about the HCG Diet. Every healthcare professional who offers the HCG Diet provides medical supervision each time the patient receives HCG. After meeting your weight loss goals with the active phase of the program, your doctor seeks your input to create the maintenance phase of the HCG Diet. He or she is always available to answer your questions or even make changes to your individualized HCG Diet plan if necessary.

Start your journey towards a thinner, healthier you today by contacting one of Louisville’s HCG Diet specialists found right here on the Louisville HCG Doctors Locator® and scheduling your HCG Diet consultation!