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LouisvilleHCG Diet SpecialistsFor many people in the Jackson County Kentucky area, trying to lose weight is an exercise in futility. Perhaps you can relate to the situation of knowing you need to lose weight but feeling unsure of how to go about it. After trying and ultimately failing at a variety of different diets, you feel frustrated and discouraged. That is a perfectly normal reaction, but it’s important not to stay stuck there.

The HCG Diet in Louisville offers men and women an opportunity to drop excess weight safely and quickly in a completely new way. Say goodbye to fad diets and the yo-yo dieting, a customized HCG Diet designed for your unique weight loss needs can be the last weight loss program you ever need.

HCG is a natural hormone in the human body. When women are pregnant, their bodies produce mass quantities of HCG to help the baby grow normally. However, that’s not the only use for this hormone. It also provides energy and helps to control the appetite for people who are dieting. When you are on the HCG Diet in the city of Louisville, a qualified HCG doctor determines the proper meal plan and HCG hormone dosage for optimal results in your body. The HCG hormone speeds up your weight loss efforts by directly attacking your body’s areas of fat storage, supplementing the low daily calorie intake, preserving energy levels and preventing the negative effects of hunger.

What is the HCG Diet?

The HCG Diet can help you lose weight at least twice as fast as any other diet plan in the Louisville area. You also receive ongoing guidance on how to maintain your weight loss. If that sounds good to you, the first thing you need to do is use our directory to find a local doctor who offers this medically supervised diet plan. Next, contact his or her office to schedule a consultation meeting and a physical exam. Both of these appointments are required before you can officially start the HCG Diet. During your consultation, your doctor learns more about your previous weight loss attempts as well as your goals with the HCG Diet.

After your doctor receives the results of your laboratory testing, he or she forwards the information to a local compounding pharmacy. Every person on the HCG Diet in Louisville receives dosages of HCG that are custom made to address unique health and weight loss needs. This is just one of many things that make the HCG Diet so different from other commercial weight loss plans.

The HCG Diet in Action

The Louisville area HCG Diet Doctor you choose to work with is typically the person who supervises your treatment in the active phase and provides guidance in the maintenance phase of the HCG Diet. Together, the two of you decide on the most effective method of HCG administration in addition to how many calories you should consume each day. You retain the ability to choose what you eat and drink, although the HCG Diet strongly emphasizes fruits, vegetables, water, and protein.

While completing the active phase, you may need to supplement your daily diet with specific vitamins based on your individual health needs. Once you reach maintenance, you no longer need to restrict your daily calories quite so much. The focus shifts from losing weight to keeping it off by making health food choices and exercising regularly.

Learn more about HCG and the many benefits of an HCG Diet program today from Louisville’s premier HCG Diet experts found right here on the Louisville HCG Doctors Locator® by selecting a medical weight loss professional and scheduling your HCG Diet consultation today!